The International Symposium on Flood pulse Ecosystems

Flood pulse ecosystems are heterogeneous and dynamic landscapes, critical in supporting fisheries productivity and aquatic/riparian biodiversity. However, many flood pulse ecosystems have been severely degraded by human activities and unplanned development, and as a result are frequently targeted for restoration and protection.
The objective of the International Symposium on Flood pulse Ecosystems (ISFE) is to provide a platform for national, regional and international researchers/scientists to present their research findings in tropical flood pulse ecosystems.  ISFE will examine both biological and socio-economic aspects of flood pulse systems.  The goal of the symposium is to support improved management and governance by and with rural communities.  It will promote the exchange of information and knowledge between academics and practitioners for improved ecosystem service and biodiversity outcomes.
ISFE will provide students and early-career researchers the opportunity to learn from international experts.  Interactive sessions will emphasize maintaining methodological rigor in research in tropical flood pulse ecosystems while involving stakeholders in research design and implementation.  ISFE provides the opportunity to review the current state of art in understanding of tropical flood pulse ecosystems and their management, contributing to future strategies for scientific collaboration, policy development and development intervention. ISFE will provide the possibility for researchers to publish their results in special issues of international academic journals (Ecological Modeling and Biodiversity & Conservation), contributing to improved ecological and social understanding of the flood pulse ecosystems.